Autotrader: This is when you can expect your electric Lamborghini

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini is known to car enthusiasts for the wail of its V10 and V12 engines, but those may soon be a thing of the past.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann says the automaker will unveil its first gasoline-electric hybrid performance car in 2023 and that a fully electric model will go on sale by the close of the decade. That first Lamborghini EV will take the shape of a 4-seat model and broaden the automaker’s lineup to four distinct vehicles, though Winkelmann did not specify if it will be a large coupe, a sedan, or an SUV.

Over the next few years, Lamborghini will begin shifting its lineup entirely to hybrid models of its Huracán and Aventador sports cars as well as its Urus SUV.

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The automaker will become the last of the major sports car manufacturers to sell a regular-production electrified model, though in 2019 it briefly sold a limited-production hybrid called the Sian. Ferrari

offered its first high-performance hybrid in 2013, while Porsche’s Taycan electric car went on sale in 2020.

Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen,

which now has several electric cars for sale. Winkelmann did not say how Lamborghini might lean on VW’s electric car experience for its new model. 

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