NewsWatch: Dow narrowly misses first close at 35,000 but all 3 stock indexes log back-to-back record finishes ahead of bank earnings


U.S. stocks book another round of records on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending just shy of a milestone 35,000, but still joining the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite with back-to-back closing records. See full story.

Monthly payments of up to $300 per child are starting for most families — and could keep coming for years

As the U.S. government prepares to send out up to $300 a month per child to millions of families beginning Thursday, the payments could end up coming for years rather than fading away next year as planned, according to some analysts and advocates. See full story.

Here’s why Virgin Galactic stock is falling after a successful space flight

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. has filed to sell up to $500 million worth of shares, according to a filing Monday, sending the stock lower after the weekend’s successful space-tourism flight. See full story.

The chip crunch marches on, but one sector could be in store for relief

Supply shortages for the chip industry are still expected to last into 2022, but shifts in the past three months indicate subtle but significant changes in the auto and PC end markets. See full story.

Should schools and employers mandate COVID vaccination? Americans are split

‘I do believe at the local level … there should be more mandates,’ Anthony Fauci said Sunday. See full story.


Gamifying health goals — and the risk of losing a cash reward — got veterans to exercise ‘significantly’ more. But there’s a catch. See full story.

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