Personal Finance Daily: Many Americans dread returning to the office — here’s how to prepare, and stimulus checks played a major role in nationwide decline in anxiety and depression

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One delicious way to cut your risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to a study of 7,000 people

An estimated 374 million people are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. Read More

‘I have these really deep beliefs about stability and survival’: Anna Sale, host of ‘Death, Sex and Money’ podcast, on our evolving relationship to money

When you admit that where you are is the result of choices you’ve made and choices that you’ve had no control over, it’s a little easier to talk about money’ Read More

Stimulus checks played a major role in nationwide decline in anxiety and depression, new analysis says

‘The delivery of robust, primarily cash-based assistance to U.S. households was followed by major declines in material hardship.’ Read More

‘You shouldn’t feel pressured to move back into society’: Many Americans dread returning to the office — here’s how to prepare

As vaccination rates continue to climb, more companies are requiring employees to work in person some days every week. Read More

Mortgage rates remain below 3% — but that might not keep home buyers in the market

Home buyers appear to be losing interest as getting into a home continues to be challenging amid fierce competition. Read More

Matt Landau wanted to find a rental car at a reasonable price — it was cheaper for him to rent a U-Haul truck

Welcome to America in 2021 when prices for the most unexpected items have soared. Read More

My wife earns $500K a year, but drops $1,500 when she goes to the mall. She is jeopardizing our retirement

‘While she’s incredible at making money and always has been, she doesn’t understand it very well and has no idea how to account for it.’ Read More

How do wealthy investors feel about their good fortune during the pandemic? They may surprise you

Affluent investors say they’re reassessing their worldview — and financial goals — amid COVID-19. Read More

This is when you can expect your electric Lamborghini

The wail of the Italian supercars’ V-10 and V-12 engines may be a thing of the past as Lamborghini begins shifting its lineup entirely to hybrid models. Read More

Small businesses still need support—5 ways you can help them recover

Small-business owners offer their tips on how consumers can best support them as they transition out of the pandemic. Read More

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