Personal Finance Daily: Teen jobless rate falls to lowest point in years, and a closer look at AMC, GameStop, Nokia, Tilray

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Teen jobless rate falls to lowest point in years — ‘The rebound has been really good for them’

One economist says it’s ‘not unequivocally great news.’ Read More

My boyfriend demands I pay half of his $600K mortgage and utilities, or go live in a camper van. He says, ‘You’ll never own this house’

‘He was renting when we met, and had been for 7 years. Six years ago, he bought a beautiful $600,000 house.’ Read More

Weekend reads: More meme-stock action — and a closer look at AMC, GameStop, Nokia, Tilray and others

Also, retirement locations and how to talk to young people about money and investing. Read More

My fiancée makes $90,000 a year. I make $150,000. Should we merge our finances after we get married?

‘She has roughly $40,000 left in student loans, and we share an investment in a land parcel with a $65,000 loan balance remaining.’ Read More

Tyler Freeland was ghosted by child-care centers that were supposedly hiring — until parents started going back to work

Some 18,000 of the 559,000 jobs (3%) that were created last month were in child care and/or daycare services Read More

Remember when you could score a bargain on Airbnb? Not anymore

The common perception has been that short-term rentals are cheaper than staying at a hotel, but oh what a difference a pandemic makes. Read More

If it’s not enhanced unemployment benefits, why are people turning down jobs?

Some people are finding it difficult to get a job, while others need to find affordable child care, home help or even transportation. Read More

This smoky Scotch honors a mythic dragon

Islay whisky maker Ardbeg’s new, distinctive offering packs flavors of black licorice and ‘medicinal lozenges’ Read More

I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick – should I get tested for COVID-19?

You could still be infected and spread the virus. Read More

Stimulus checks played a major role in nationwide decline in anxiety and depression, new analysis says

‘The delivery of robust, primarily cash-based assistance to U.S. households was followed by major declines in material hardship.’ Read More

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