Personal Finance Daily: There’s a ‘notable reversal’ in the homes Americans are buying and IRS investigates leak of billionaires’ tax returns

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Almost a decade after Sandy, full-time residents are flocking to the Jersey Shore

Nearly a decade after superstorm Sandy ravaged the Jersey Shore, economic development is thriving as the Covid-19 pandemic led to a wave of people moving to coastal communities full time. Read More

Like Schitt’s Creek, but in real life: Owner tries selling California desert town

In the award-winning television show “Schitt’s Creek,” the owners of the tiny town of the same name try to sell it, with no luck. Roxanne Lang feels like she’s been living that story line on repeat. Read More

IRS investigating leak of tax returns from Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and other billionaires

Some of the world’s wealthiest people have paid relatively little in federal taxes, according to the investigative news outlet ProPublica, which obtained ‘raw’ tax returns in its reporting. Read More

Americans are moving, but there’s a ‘notable reversal’ in the types of homes they’re choosing

The U.S. real estate market is experiencing a ‘Great Reshuffling,’ a new report from Zillow says. Read More

The Supreme Court is set to take up abortion this year — here’s why there’s so much at stake for people of color

‘I’m thankful that I had my abortion, and I’m worried that people won’t be able to live [their] lives as my abortion has afforded me.’ Read More

These frontline workers joked about opening a restaurant — and then did it during the pandemic

‘If everything closes up, you open,’ said one of the owners of the Filipino eatery. Read More

Should you contribute to a designated Roth account? Here are two important factors to weigh

If your income is too high to make annual Roth IRA contributions, contributing to a ‘designated Roth account’ is worth considering. Read More

The new VW Taos takes it to the next level for under $25k

The 2022 Taos compact SUV enters Volkswagen’s lineup a little smaller than the Tiguan. Read More

This is what changed in the travel industry while you were staying home

Many under-the-radar changes altered the travel landscape in 2021 significantly, including lower fees and new credit card perks. Here’s a heads-up. Read More

14 unexpected things car insurance covers

If a golf ball hits your car, are you covered? What about marmots, hail, lava, or plows? Here’s what’s covered and what’s not, under both comprehensive and collision. Read More

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